Why Dream, When You Can Just Do It..


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Ay priceless…


You got A dot about… here and there and everywhere.


I do ignore my love sometimes, because I feel as though I would explode when I feel it to its greatest degree

The cooling off of love of the greater number out of fear and vulnerability. We were cultivated to fear each other, fear our natural bonds together….

*snap snap*

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Not only is her music insightful and rejuvenating…she rocks her natural curls so well!


Nneka For Now Playing Magazine

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support this thesis project about queer women of color in public spaces.


I am currently seeking participants to take a survey I’ve created as part of my thesis research on the experiences of queer women of color in public and semi-public spaces in NYC. My hope is to help make the current and ever growing conversation around gender-based violence and street harassment a…

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yesssssssssss! :)

I can’t help that I’m a hopeless romantic. Waiting for that cosmic love, that sweep you off your feet kinda love, that make me laugh till I cry kinda love, that everytime we sex we make love kinda love, that I don’t mind if you touch my feet kinda love, that lets share a lollipop or ice cream cone kinda love, that I’m tired but I’d do anything to see that smile kinda love, that lets take a trip on a whim kinda love, that I’d put my life on the line kinda love…too bad it no longer exists.


What Liberty feels like

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My Mane is My Pride....

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